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02359519 Huawei USG6600 Next Generation Firewall USG6620 AC

USG6600 Next-Generation Firewall Data Sheet - Huawei Enterprise

Huawei USG6600 series next-generation firewall for enterprises data centers integrates application-layer protection and application identification technology.

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Best Price USG6620-AC Huawei USG6600 Firewall

Huawei USG6620-AC Price and Specs: USG6620 AC Host 8GE(RJ45)+4GE(SFP),8GB Memory,1 AC Power, best price at Router-Switch. Model: USG6620-AC 02359519 Huawei USG6600 Next-Generation Firewall. Detail: USG6620 AC Host(8GE(RJ45)+4GE(SFP),8GB Memory,1 AC Power). Price: USD.

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Huawei USG6600 Series Next-Generation Firewall

Huawei USG6600 Series. Next-Generation Firewall e.huawei. Specifications. Model. USG6620. USG6630. USG6650. USG6660. USG6670. USG6680 Optional. Supports 300 GB or 600GB3 hard disks (RAID1 and hot swappable). Redundant power supply. Optional. Standard configuration. AC power supply.

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