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Specification sheet: WANO56QE Sangfor M5600 QE I SANGFOR

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Jun 3, 2017 1,000,000. 220,000. 3 Gbps. 1U. 4G. SSD 64 GB. 6 Gbps. 3.6 Gbps. N/A. 100W. 300x430x44.5. 6.65Kg. 1 Gbps. 1000. 1,000,000. 100,000. 950 Mbps. Model. M5100-F-I. M5200-F-I. M5300-F-I. M5400-F-I. M5500-F-I M5600-F-I. M5800-F-I M5900-F-I. M6000-F-I. Power and Hardware Specifications. 0~40°C.

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The Archer MR400 offers unmatched convenience and versatility. The ability to quickly establish powerful wireless networks can be tremendously important. The Archer MR400 is the perfect solution whether you're at home or working in a remote location. Just plug it in to boost on-site productivity and stay connected in a

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Sep 19, 2017 Hardware Specifications. RAM. Storage HD Capacity. Power [Watt] Max. Operating Temperature. Humidity. System Weight. System Dimensions. NGAF M5600-F-I. 8Gb. 1TB (Customizable up to 2T). 300W. 0°C~40°C. 5%~95% non-condensing. 20.00 Kg. 440x500x90 mm (W x L x H). Network Interfaces.

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